KGB report on prophylactic and other measures (1967-1971)

Must be returned to CPSU Central Committee (General Department, sector 1)

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No P 1756

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To the CPSU Central Committee

In accordance with the instructions of the Central Committee the agencies of the Committee for State Security have been carrying out extensive prophylactic work: to forestall crime; to suppress attempts at organised subversive activity by nationalist, revisionist and other anti-Soviet elements; and also to localise groups of a politically harmful character that have arisen in a number of places.

Over the past five years [1967-1971] 3,096 such groups have been uncovered and 13,602 individuals belonging to such groups have undergone prophylactic treatment: 2,196 participants of 502 groups in 1967; 2,870 participants of 625 groups in 1968; 3,130 participants of 733 groups in 1969; 3,102 participants of 709 groups in 1970; and 2,304 participants of 527 groups in 1971.

Such groups were uncovered in Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Tula, Vladimir, Omsk, Kazan, Tyumen, and in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorussia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan and other places.

As a result of the measures taken the number of yearly arrests for anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda [Article 70] has declined markedly.

The majority who underwent prophylactic treatment have drawn the correct conclusions. They have actively joined in public life and are working conscientiously in those areas of production and services with which they have been entrusted. Some, however, continue to commit acts that could under certain circumstances become criminal and do substantial harm to the interests of our State.

To strengthen the preventative effect on individuals who are trying to about to follow the path of serious crime, and to ensure the more robust suppression of undesirable manifestations on the part of anti-social elements, we consider it would be sensible to permit the KGB, when necessary, to issue an official written warning on behalf of the authorities with a demand that these individuals cease their politically harmful activities and to provide an explanation of the consequences that could follow their continuation.

In our view this would substantially raise the moral responsibility of those subjected to prophylactic measures and if they then committed criminal acts and were prosecuted this would be of significance for assessing the personality of the criminal by bodies conducting the preliminary investigation and by the courts.

A draft resolution of the Central Committee and a draft edict of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet are attached.

We request authorisation.

Yu. Andropov
[Chairman, USSR KGB]
11 October 1972

R. Rudenko
[USSR Procurator-General]
No. 2594-А



Source: Bukovsky Archive

section 3.2, document 0144, date 1972///