14.13 Additions and Corrections

No 14 : 30 June 1970

In Chronicle 13.8 the almanach Bridges [Mosty] was incorrectly called an “NTS journal” in the report of the trial of Bakhtiyarov (Kiev). Bridges //was published by TsOPE, the Central Union of Political Emigre’s from the USSR.

The item “Circumstances surrounding the investigation of the case of N. Gorbanevskaya” (see Chronicle 13.10 [item 15]) included the following inaccuracy: A. G. Sokolov is the dean of the philological faculty of Moscow University, not of Tartu University.

For “Tolstova” and “Teleshova” In Chronicle 12.9 [item 11] and the “News in brief” section (13.10, item 13), respectively, read “Teletova” in both cases.