31.11 Information Sheet No 5

No 31 : 17 May 1974

about a meeting of representatives of Action Groups of the Crimean Tatar people of the Uzbek and Tadzhik Republics on 16 September 1967 in Leninabad (2 pages).

… All the meetings organized in the localities by Party, State and KGB organs with the aim of “explaining” the decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet of 5 September 1967 have had the character of blackmail, pressure, deceit and intimidation of members of the Action Groups of regions, towns and inhabited areas.

The people have been inundated with slanderous fabrications and deceit. Talking about the humanity of the decree and the lifting of unfounded accusations from the whole people, the comrades who have been “explaining” and “commenting on” the decree, have been throwing all kinds of filth at our people. Thus for example, at a meeting in the Samarkand medical institute, a representative of the Central Committee, Vishnevsky, produced a series of “facts” and “figures” showing the mass “betrayal” of the Crimean Tatar people… The same comrade Vishnevsky stated frankly to comrade Mukhteremov that in the event of his disagreement with the decree he would be expelled from the Party, This is nothing but a provocation in relation not only to individual comrades but also to the entire Crimean Tatar people…

The director of a textile enterprise at which Zora Nebisheva, an inhabitant of Fergana, was working, offered to plaster the house she was having built in exchange for a few lines in the paper in which she would publicly renounce any intention to return to her homeland. And such facts are not isolated ones…

In the very first days after the decree our people began a mass exodus to their homeland, and this was inevitable and irreversible… The Crimean Tatar people are, as before, full of strength and energy, they will continue their struggle until the complete solution

This sentence was quoted in the indictment in the case of 0. Akimov (see this issue, CCE 31.1) as a slanderous fabrication [Chronicle’s note).


of the national question, and they will help the Party and government in bringing this about. Our people deeply believe that they will greet the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in the Crimea, as an equal member of the great fraternity of peoples of the USSR.