Commentary No 16

No 16 : 31 October 1970 16.2 THE TRIAL OF PIMENOV AND VAIL Makeyev is the deputy head of the department of housing and communal services [ZhKU], and not, as the Chronicle stated, the head of the department of buildings and works [ZhSU], 16.6 RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION English texts of many of these documents may be … Continue reading Commentary No 16

Commentary No 5

No 5 : 31 December 1969 5.1 SURVEY OF SAMIZDAT IN 1968 [1] Notable prose works appearing in samizdat during previous years. Ginzburg, Krutoi marshrut (1967 (in Grani 64-8, Frankfurt); Into the Whirlwind (London 1967) Shalamov stories published 1966-1970 in Novy zhurnal (New York); two included in Michael Scammell (ed), Russia's Other Writers (1970). Lidiya … Continue reading Commentary No 5

Commentary No 18

No 18 : 5 March 1971 18.1 POLITICAL PRISONERS IN PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS The Russian text of one of Zinaida Grigorenko's letters, dated 11 February, and addressed to "The World Mental Health Society", is in Possev 5, 1971, pp 5-6. English extracts were published in The Observer, 2 May 1971. Chernyshov appeal. Russian text in Possev … Continue reading Commentary No 18


No 6 : 28 February 1969 6.2 The case of Boris Kochubievsky [1] "... who is of Russian nationality". This does not refer just to Larisa Kochubievskaya's ethnic and cultural background and origins in the multi-ethnic Soviet Union. From 196// onwards Soviet ID documents (internal "passports") carried an entry that, from 16 years onwards, fixed … Continue reading COMMENTARY No 6

Commentary No 11

No 11 :  31 December 1969 11.1 The expulsion of Solzhenitsyn from the Writers Union [1] Sakhalin - an island off the Far Eastern coast of the Soviet Union, visited by Chekhov in 1890. His impressions of the forced labour camps and exiles' settlements located there are  recorded in Sakhalin Island, first published in 1893-4. … Continue reading Commentary No 11


No 8 : 30 June 1969 8.5 The 6 June 1969 demonstration by five Crimean Tatars on Mayakovsky Square * See Julius Telesin's detailed account of this episode in his preface to Uncensored Russia, pp. 49-50. 8.10 An appeal to the UN Commission on Human Rights A fortnight after Pyotr Grigorenko's arrest the Action Group … Continue reading COMMENTARY No 8


No 29 : 31 July 1973 29.8 A Chronicle of Case No 24 (pt 2) AI commentary Of the people who figure in this section, the following (see Chronicle 8.10) were founder-members in 1969 of the Action Group for the Defence of Human Rights in the USSR: Tatyana Velikanova, Sergei Kovalyov, Victor Krasin, //Alexander Lavut, … Continue reading COMMENTARY No 29

Commentary No 7

No 7 : 30 June 1969 7.1 THE TRIAL OF GOMER BAEV This probably refers to Nina Senichkina, a researcher at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism attached to the Central Committee of the CPSU, and her article "A fraternal union of free nations", Kommunist Tadzhikistana, 30 December 1967, p. 2. 7.2 THE ARREST OF IVAN YAKHIMOVICH … Continue reading Commentary No 7