Texts in English

Amalrik, Andrei, Will the Soviet Union survive until 1984? (1970) Brumberg, A. The Quest for Justice, London, 1970 Dzyuba, Ivan, Internationalism or Russification? Ginzburg, Alexander, The White Book (in Russian). See Labedz and Hayward Gorbanevskaya, Natalya, Red Square at Noon, London 1970/// Grigorenko, Pyotr, Labedz, L. & M. Hayward, M. (eds), On Trial: the case … Continue reading Texts in English

4.2 The Soviet press on the demonstrators’ trial

No 4 : 31 October 1968 On 10 October 1968 the following official announcement appeared in the papers Moskovskaya pravda [Moscow pravda] and Vechernyaya Moskva [Evening Moscow]: "IN THE MOSCOW CITY COURT "On 9 October the criminal trial began in Moscow of K. I. Babitsky, L. I. Bogoraz-Brukhman, V. N. Delone, V. A. Dremlyuga and … Continue reading 4.2 The Soviet press on the demonstrators’ trial